An Observation In Life

Ant colony

Ants work together in harmony to keep their colony viable and successful. They know their place and put their all into ensuring their lives have purpose and meaning. Worker ants tend the larvae and feed the Queen, taking only as much as they need for themselves. The Queen, at the appropriate time, will produce Wind Ant larvae that are special, requiring extra care and tending. These Wind Ants are responsible for disseminating the colony and continuing the species in other areas.

Imagine a world where people worked together in this way. Striving for the common good, taking only what you need (rather than what you want). Altruistic to the core, you would use your talents selflessly to better others, as well as yourself. The ant has a right to be cared for as part of it’s community, but a responsibility to contribute, to use it’s skills to the full for a better ‘world’. The human of today is obsessed with it’s rights, but not it’s responsibilities. You cannot have one without the other, or your ant hill gets squashed!




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